Doctoral Degree

Master Degree

2_Taewoo Tak

Taewoo Tak

August, 2011 – Feburary, 2017

Thesis: Development of Ultra-long Cycle Small Modular Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor Core Concept

After Graduation: Senior Researcher in KAERI

최지원 - 복사본

Jiwon Choe

September, 2013 – August, 2015

Thesis: New Burnable Absorber and Zirconium Reflector for Advanced PWRs

After Graduation: To enter doctoral program

Sooyoung Choi_2

Sooyoung Choi

March, 2013 – Feburary, 2017

Thesis: Pin-based Pointwise Energy Slowing-down Method for Resonance Self-Shielding Calculation

After Graduation: Post Doctoral Researcher in UNIST